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Strawberry Picking Day 第一次去摘士多啤梨

2014年初四 (Lunar New Year)

去左錦田鄉村俱樂部玩! 主要係去摘士多啤梨! 阿仔第一次摘呀! 出發前同佢講左, 佢就係咁問係咪到啦? 係咪去摘士多啤梨啦! 可見佢都好期待呢!!

We went to Kam Tin and picked strawberries! This is Max’s first try! He was sooo excited and had so much fun!

今日天氣唔錯架! 仲有D熱添呀! 我仲驚呢度大風唔知會唔會凍, 同阿仔一齊著兩件衫, 結果係阿仔未落車我已經要幫佢除左件底衫啦! 我自己都頂唔順! 如果唔係咁熱都可能可以再玩耐D!

Today’s weather is hot and we wear too much….

 我地摘既係韓國品種! $70/磅。岩岩摘到1磅。
可惜好多都爛既….算啦, 第一次當唔小心唔識啦, 下次唔可以啦!!

跟住仲去睇小動物同玩車! 好開心呢!!

Unfortunately, the field had been pretty picked through. We found that there wasn’t much to choose from! Although we carefully selected, we still picked bad ones…..much more than the good ones! Of course, not a bad deal especially when you add in the entertainment factor for the kids.





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