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Lunch @ McDonald’s

放學去了M記吃午餐! 好像很多天沒吃啦! 反正今天沒準備午餐, 就讓兒子開心一下嘛!!

We went to eat lunch at McDonald’s.
Since I think it’s not healthy, I really don’t always have lunch / dinner there but only sometimes.

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Swim again @ Clear water bay (Hong Kong)

13 JUN 2014

Today is kindergarten’s holiday. Last night (Should be this morning!) Watched the World Cup: Brazil VS Croatia until 5:30 in the morning, then went to bed due to too sleepy! Today, I was thinking about would not go any where, my friend called me asked if I want to go out and have fun with ours kids together, so we decided to go to the beach.