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超推薦!【GroVia O.N.E.】超吸水、質量好

好用環保尿片GroVia O.N.E.

GroVia O.N.E. 是一條 all in one 的環保尿布。

特別之處是同時帶有鈕扣 (snaps) 及魔術貼 (removable hook & loop),讓用家無須苦惱於買哪款才好!

我暫時只有用鈕扣, 魔術貼早就拆走, 收藏起來了!

O.N.E. 一直是我好想買的款式! 很多人都說吸水力超好, 穿整晚來睡覺最好。而且, 重點是穿上之後一點都也不臃腫 (bulky) !

*我只用了一塊附帶的片芯, 後文有圖*


GroVia O.N.E. 圖片

尿片附帶兩條片芯, 只用鈕扣扣在尿布上, 無須好像一般的 Pocket Diaper 那樣, 花很多時間去放片花入尿布內。可算是非常方便快捷!


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購買 : GroVia O.N.E.
文章:【環保尿片】GroVia@淘寶 / GroVia Hybrid 質地超讚


Reviews from amazon:
So absorbant! Perfect for overnight!
This diaper is like magic. All of the pee goes to the bottom of the inserts and your baby feels dry all night long.
I used these cloth diapers at night and have not had any leaks!! The boys wear the diaper about 12 hours total and seem comfortable in them.
Great quality and is the most absorbant I have.
they are the ONLY diaper I use that works as an overnight solution (lasts 12-13 hours with NO leaks).
The absorbency is awesome! The ability to wick moisture away from baby’s skin is wonderful!
My 6 month old regularly wears them for 12+hours with no leaks.
The liner and pads are so extremely soft!
The diaper is trim enough to fit under jeans.
The elastics fit snug enough that we don’t get leaks.
Because of the shell’s lining we don’t get red marks.
These diapers are soft & well made, very customizable & fit great.

太多好評, 不能盡錄。
總括來說, 就是能穿著很久, 都可以保持不滲漏, 吸水力好好云云。 Continue reading “超推薦!【GroVia O.N.E.】超吸水、質量好”